This is my personal site. I enjoy the creative process as much as anything else in my life. It keeps my sanity intact and, along with my family, makes me feel whole. A lot of my vitality comes from this area of my heart, and the freeing influence shared only by my faith.  
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Digital Paintings
This area includes work that has no underlying reference (not cloned) and is all hand drawn and/or brushed on a blank canvas. References are allowed however.
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Julia's Shakespeare Acting Camp

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Latest Work
Recent additions mostly with some favorites lingering a little longer.
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People Groups

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Photo Paintings & Compositions
This is the work I most enjoy. Playing with photos as underlying reference. Filters, cloning and brush strokes make this very creative and relaxing for me. Many of these can be found on Innographx.com where I frequent.
Last Updated: 3/17/2007 5:07:55 AM
I love photography and shoot with a Canon 10D and assorted lenses. Raw image format allows me the most latitude in the digital darkroom - my favorite area.
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Trey Graduates Fireman Academy

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